Along The Scenic Bodensee by bike

68 km, a full-day bike tour with many stops.
Route 2 and Route 82 – Kreuzlingen – Romanshorn – Arbon –  Aach – Neukirch – Feierlen Hof – Kreuzlingen

To test my brand-new bike, a birthday gift from Philippe, we hopped on our bikes to tour along the Bodensee / Lake Constance.

Our first stop at the Uttwil for coffee/tea at a lakeside café. After a bit annoyed by an unmotivated restaurant staff, we continued to pedal to our middle point.

Then we discovered a charming town of Arbon with beautiful squares. The town is also a site for a well-known Swiss machinery company called Saurer. After a slooooow Italian lunch we toured around town.

From Arbon we headed back to Kreuzlingen, this time through many agricultural fields of strawberries, apples, pears, zucchini, wheat, corns, etc. They are all bursting with life!

Our last break at a delightful farmer’s self-service shop with a terrace. It was a good timing for my sore butt! We enjoyed coffee, apple juice, a piece of cake, fresh strawberries and fantastic ice cream. Wonderful treat!

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