Via Alpina, Engstlenalp to Meiringen

Via Alpina section 9
Engstlenalp (1834m) – Tannalp (1974m) – Tannsee – Planplatten (2255m) – Reuti (1061m) – Meiringen (595m)
21km, 890m up and 2120m down!

A beautiful morning in the mountain. How wonderful it is to wake up to the snow-covered mountain peak view from the window! The Wetterhorn was already shining in the sun.

Good morning, Wetterhorn!  Good morning, Titlis!

A quiet walk from the mountain hotel. No one was on the path and I am smiling to myself to be able to walk with a magnificent view. Soon it lead to a narrow, uphill path to Tannalp, with a Wetterhorn view ahead!

After going around the mountain, I arrived at a quiet, charming village of Tannalp, with a white church. It seems to be off-season and the mountain hotel/restaurant was closed.

Soon to Tannsee, a mirror-like lake. It was a wonderful, lonesome early morning.

From the Tannsee, the path branched out, one to another lake Melchsee and the other uphill. My path was, of course, the uphill one and I started climbing up.  Higher up, I could look down the Tannsee as well as the shining snow-covered Mt. Titlis and the path I walked yesterday.

The ridge walk started, with the valley 1000m down. Lots of up and downs.


After a series of several small peaks, I came to the highest point, I thought… From there, however, I saw today’s real highest point, Planplatten (2255m), further and higher : (

The path looked dangerously traversing on the flank of the mountain. I told myself, oh well, if it is too scary, I can stop and come back. Fuelled by lunch and snacks, I took a deep breath and started climbing. Still I was completely alone on this path.

Successfully managing my fear and the path, one hour later I arrived at Planplatten, a large ski station.  The gigantic ski lift installation appeared all of a sudden, strangely out of place and in sharp contrast to my lonesome, middle-of-nowhere path from Tannsee.

Some workers were working on the ski-lift for its winter season preparation. I stood at the summit and watched all the directions. This place calls itself “Alpen Tower” and apparently one can see over 40 peaks. I was busy looking at the Bernese Oberland mountains, Brienzersee and its area where I walked as part of my Jakobsweg route…. Truly amazing views!

It was a long way down, but I enjoyed fantastic views of the mountains and lake,  beautiful farmhouses along the path and the forest of Muggenstutz dwarf (a Swiss folklore).

After 2100m downhill (!) I was happy to put my feet up in a hotel of the charming town of Meiringen.


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