Via Alpina, Brüsti – Surenenpass – Fürenalp

Via Alpina Section 7
Brüsti (1525m) – Surenenpass (2291m) – Blackenalp (1773m) – Abnet (1670m) – Fürenalp (1850m)

Today Philippe joined me on the Via Alpina hike : )

As going up 2000m in altitude was out of question for us, we took a cablecar from Attinghausen to Brüsti to gain 1000m.

Brüsti, today’s trailhead, was a quiet, charming mountain village. After having coffee and hot chocolate, we started heading for today’s hike.

We had cloudless blue sky and saw dramatic rocky mountain ranges. This area seems quite isolated and we did not see any hikers for a long time.  Soon an impressive mountain range of Brunnistock dominated the sky and after passing some farmhouses we saw a long path leading to Surenenpass far away.

Naturally, as it is always the case, we had to go down first to go up.  It was on the rocks and moraine.  We were surprised to see some brave mountain bikers on the path!

Finally at the Surenenpass

A white chapel at Blackenalp

A fantastic view on the way to Fürenalp, with imposing Gross Spannort (3198m), reminded us of some Patagonian mountain peaks.
We are smiling here in the photo,  but we were quite tired by then.

Going up 200m again to the Fürenalp ropeway station, we had some refreshing drinks with a 360-degree view of shining Titlis, Gross Spannort, Kleine Spannort etc.

Finally the Fürenalp cable car took us down to the Engelberg valley.  It was quite a free-fall cable car ride with 850m down!  Luckily the boss of the cable car company kindly gave us a ride to the town, as there was no more bus.

We finished our fantastic day with wonderful Indian dinner at the restaurant Spice Bazaar in Engelberg.

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