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Murgsee Round-Hike

Merlen (1099m) – Gspon – Unter Mürtschen – Ober Mürtschen – Murgseefurggel (1985m) – Murgsee – Mornen Alp – Mornen 5.5 h, 900 m up and down, 15 km There are many ways to reach Murgsee. The circular hiking trail around the Mürtschenstock towards… Continue Reading “Murgsee Round-Hike”

Hike around Mürtschenstock

6h, 17 km, 900 m ascent, 1’400 m descent ; Filzbach – Berghaus Habergschwänd 1’278 m – Talalpsee 1’086 m – Spaneggsee 1’425 m – Mürtschenfurggel 1’840 m – Obstalden 685 m We drove by the imposing Mürtschenstock next to the Walensee probably more… Continue Reading “Hike around Mürtschenstock”

Spitzmeilen Hütte

Maschgenkamm (2008m)  – Spitzmeilenhütte (2087m) – Fursch – Maschgenkamm; 13km in distance We originally planned to do the Mürtschenstock round tour but we missed a highway exit which made us lose considerable time. So we gave up our original idea and instead did a… Continue Reading “Spitzmeilen Hütte”


Armenzano – a very quaint and very small dwelling on the way from Assisi to our hotel (Le Silve di Armenzano). The UNESCO site is likely home to many more cats than humans (40) …

Kumano Kodo I

A short 3km walk. First along a fascinating coast and then over the Matsumoto Pass to Onigayo. Our first few steps on the famous Kumano Kodō – a UNESCO World Heritage pilgrimage site. It’s the only pilgrimage UNESCO site in Asia. The big brother is… Continue Reading “Kumano Kodo I”

Glacier Perito Moreno 

Ice – Ice – Ice Nature is full of genius, full of divinity, so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand. Henry David Thoreau This morning we left to see the No. 1 tourist attraction of Argentina, the Perito Moreno Glacier. We have been… Continue Reading “Glacier Perito Moreno “