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Morteratsch Hike & Boval Hütte

Morteratsch 1896m – Boval Hütte 2495m – Morteratsch 1896m 11 km / Ascent & descent 600 m / 3hrs 45 min The route from Morteratsch to Boval Hütte is part of the Bernina Trek. One month ago I did five sections of the Trek … Continue Reading “Morteratsch Hike & Boval Hütte”

Bernina Trek Day 4 – Part 1

Jenatsch Hütte 2652m – Fuorcla Suvretta 2966m – Pass Suvretta 2615m – Via Engadin – Silverplana 1815m This route was challenging because of its steep slopes covered with the unexpected snow (not much, but enough to make signs sometimes invisible), but absolutely gorgeous with… Continue Reading “Bernina Trek Day 4 – Part 1”

Bernina Trek Day 3

Spinas 1815m –  – Alp Suvretta 2128m – Jenatsch Hütte 2652m – Val d’Agnel – Gletschersee – Chamanna Jenatsch Spinas Berghotel Joyful Spinas Berghotel and a wonderful breakfast. Their selection of home-made bread was simply a delight!

Bernina Trek Day 2

Chamanna d‘Es-cha 2594m – Fuorcla Gualdana 2494m – Punt Granda 2265m   – Ospiz Albulapass 2312m – Crap ALV Laiets 2303m – Fuorcla Crap Alv pass 2466m – Spinas 1815m Time: 6 hrs // Distance: 18km  // Descent: 1000m

Bernina Trek Day 1

Madulain 1697m – Chamanna d‘Es-cha 2594m Distance: 5.5km / Ascent: 900m / Time: 3 hrs Around midday, I arrived at the trailhead, Madulain, a cute train station of the Rhätische Bahn. I was the only one to get off the train which made me… Continue Reading “Bernina Trek Day 1”