Bernina Trek Day 2

Chamanna d‘Es-cha 2594m – Fuorcla Gualdana 2494m – Punt Granda 2265m   – Ospiz Albulapass 2312m – Crap ALV Laiets 2303m – Fuorcla Crap Alv pass 2466m – Spinas 1815m
Time: 6 hrs // Distance: 18km  // Descent: 1000m

In the morning two climbers I shared the room with got up at 5:30 am and left the hut to conquer the peak of Kesch. It was a bit early but I decided to get up anyway, as I could not sleep well, likely due to my heart pounding a bit more at 2’600m altitude.

After a 7:00 am breakfast with the group from the Netherlands, I left the hut just before 8 am to start hiking in crisp mountain-morning air. The white peaks of Piz Bernina (4049m) and Piz Roseg were shining afar under the blue sky. There was no one around and I felt like being in the middle of wildness.  Despite a slight headache due to the high altitude I was all smiling at the beauty of my surroundings.

Soon I arrived at the pass and started going down to Albula Pass.

After crossing a car road, I had to pass a rather large group of menacing-looking robust cows which suddenly started running alongside me. Once some of them started heading towards me, which I found a bit scary. I mean, these are massive animals…

The cows were then led to the barn by the farmer and his Sheppard dog.

Unharmed by the cows, I had a hot chocolate at the friendly Albulapass Hospiz at the Albula Pass (2315m) and bought a carrot cake for later which turned out to be absolutely delicious.

After being refuelled, I started to walk towards yet another pass and passed near a 2nd world war bunker, which of many can be found in the Swiss mountains. Now, the trail started seriously uphill.

Then, the idyllic green lake, Crap ALV Laiets (2303m), appeared. A breathtaking beauty!

I enjoyed the lakeside for a while, then I chose to tackle today’s highest point.

After quite a climb, I arrived at the very windy Fuorcla Crap Alv pass (2466m).

Apparently, the Bever Valley is known for its bio-diversity and many flowers were in bloom and numerous different butterflies were flying around. Even though the trail down to the valley was steep and long, I was happy and stopped many times to take photos of those beautiful flowers and insects along my path.

Finally down to the bottom of the valley, I walked along the gushing river Beverin to tonight’s small hotel, Spinas Gasthaus. A good shower turned me back into a socially acceptable human ready to enjoy the pretty view from my room’s balcony.

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