Morteratsch Hike & Boval Hütte

Morteratsch 1896m – Boval Hütte 2495m – Morteratsch 1896m
11 km / Ascent & descent 600 m / 3hrs 45 min

The route from Morteratsch to Boval Hütte is part of the Bernina Trek. One month ago I did five sections of the Trek  but two more sections remained to be done. I was happy that Philippe joined me for the Boval Hütte section on a sunny autumn day.

It still amazes me that in Switzerland – at many places, one can jump off a train and see glaciers or parts of it!

We walked gradually uphill on the well-maintained path to the Boval Hütte. The trees and shrubs were already changing colors at around 2000m which created an autumn feeling. Soon the imposing glaciers and snow-capped peaks came to a view.

In two hours we arrived at the Boval Hütte.  From the terrace we could see two of the highest mountains in Graubünden, Piz Bernina (4049m) and Piz Palü (3900m), which white peaks were glowing in the sun. Two glaciers, the Morteratsch Glacier and the Pers Glacier, are flowing down into the valley floor.

The high-walled grey moraines on either side of the valley indicated the hight of this glacier not too long ago. It was about a hundred meters higher than the current ice level and shows how much the glacier has been retreating due to global warming. A photo taken in 1940 from the Boval hut also shows the alarming speed at which our glaciers disappear.

At this friendly hut we enjoyed the fantastic views over a hearty bowl of barley soup and tasty blueberry cake, contemplating about this disturbing reality.

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