Jöriseen – Hidden Jewels in Graubünden

Wägerhus 2207m – Jöriflüelafurgga 2725m – Jöriseen 2489m – Berghaus Vereina 1940m

11km / Ascent 570m / Descent 890m / 4hrs 10min

We have been talking about this hike for a couple of years now. I vaguely remembered the Vereina hut and its surroundings since we hiked around the area quite some time ago. Today was such a beautiful day with the blue sky. So off we went by train to Susch and then by bus to Wägerhus, the trailhead. After about two hours of steady uphill from Flüelapass, we reached the pass with an incredible view of three of the four Jöriseen – a perfect lunch spot. The color of the lakes was simply amazing and hard to describe.

Fuelled by tasty home-made sandwiches, we started the downhill path to the lakes. For a few minutes, the path is so steep that the available handrail (rope) is a welcome helper.

We had a short chocolate break at the waterside, walked to the second and third lake before heading back towards the Berghaus Vereina, a pretty hut with a restaurant and a very scenic balcony we shared with a bunch of hunters getting drunk (them, not us).

Walking all the way back to Klosters would take another 3 hours so we took a shuttle bus run by the Berghaus Vereina* to go 600m down to Kloster Platz.
*One needs to make a reservation for a shuttle bus (14 CHF per person).

We finished the day with a quick stint at Hotel Alpina in Kloster Platz where I did my first professional hotel training when I was 21 years old.

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