Bernina Trek Day 4 – Part 1

Jenatsch Hütte 2652m – Fuorcla Suvretta 2966m – Pass Suvretta 2615m – Via Engadin – Silverplana 1815m

This route was challenging because of its steep slopes covered with the unexpected snow (not much, but enough to make signs sometimes invisible), but absolutely gorgeous with views of the Piz Bernia and the shining cobalt-blue St. Moritz Lake.

In the morning we were all surprised to wake up to a thin layer of snow around the hut. It was in the middle of August. Most of us planned to go up to the 3000m pass today and the unexpected snow made us a bit uneasy.

After breakfast, Bruno, a Swiss solo hiker, left first, as he had an ambitious plan to walk all the way to the hut of Chamana Coaz today. A group of 5 women from the Netherlands and I left the hut around the same time, after taking a group photo together.

The air was crisp at 2600m and I first walked down to the river under the hut and then up. The steep slope was in the shadow and cold.

I was gaining altitude steadily and finally got out in the sun.

I saw several high peaks around me but I was not sure which one was mine. I  passed a chalk-white colored stream and did not know why it makes so white.

Soon I could see my pass and it was unfortunately covered with a thin layer of fresh snow.  The red-and-white mark of direction is often painted on rocks or stones but the snow made them difficult to see. I had to carefully follow the steps made by Bruno and other hikers in the snow who walked ahead of me. For a moment I wondered if there is snow on the other side of the mountain or not, but I pushed this worry away and tried to concentrate on the path in front of me. I missed the mark a couple of times, walked back, and found the mark under the thin snow or steps. I steadily climbed up to the pass.

Finally, I reached today’s highest point, the Fuorcla Suvretta 2966m!
To my surprise there was a small group of hikers from England who came from the other side. The view at the pass was partially cloudy but still spectacular. Soon the Dutch ladies caught up and we enjoyed a short break together. But it was windy, as it often is at transition points. So we picked up our backpacks and started the descent.

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