We spent the night at the small port of Kullavik and enjoyed a nice sunset and a quiet evening, despite blasting music and other festivities on the traditional Midsommardagen, the longest day of the year. Read More

Kerteminde to Grenå (DK)

Day 8: Kerteminde – Grenå, 11 hours, 61 nm, departure: 9:10am

Our two stops in Denmark were probably not completely legal. Denmark has just opened its borders and a limited number of ports in a few areas of northern Germany only. We decided to take the risk and see what happens. Nothing happened. Except for a surprised Danish lady on a sailing boat, there was no questioning, neither from port authorities nor from the coast guard. They could have seen us on the automated identification system which sends Maraneas’ identity and its location in real-time.

But then we stayed just a few hours overnight anyway, took a shower and sailed on. Read More

Great Belt – Storebæl DK

Day 7: Kiel – Kerteminde, 14.5 hours, 82 nm, departure: 7:30am

Today’s sailing was phenomenal – absolutely beautiful and tranquil.  Such a day gives me the sheer joy of being on the water.

Except for about an hour of sailing, we had to use the motor to sail up to Denmark. That, in return, allowed us to just sit and enjoy the incomparable beauty of nature and one of those wonders of human engineering. Read More

Crossing the North Baltic Sea Canal

Day 4: Heligoland – Brunsbüttel, 9.5 hours, 55 nm, departure: 9:40am
Day 5: Brunsbüttel – Giselau Kanal, 4.5 hours, 40 nm, departure: 9:45am
Day 6: Giselau Kanal – Kiel, 8 hours, 60 nm, departure: 9:30am

Leaving Germany’s only offshore island Heligoland, we’re heading for Kiel. Given the roughly 100 km landmass between the west and the east coast of Germany, boats have two choices. Either making a detour of about 240 nm (440 km) passing the northern tip of Denmark, or crossing the NOK (Nord- Ostkanal or Kiel Kanal). Rather strong winds made us go for the latter. Read More

Norderney to Heligoland

Day 3, 12 hours, 54 nm, departure: 5am

We left the mildly interesting island of Norderney at 5 am, so we would have a better chance to get to Cuxhaven by the end of the day. We soon figured out that our plan was not realistic due to the lack of wind and unfavorable direction. So we changed the destination to Heligoland, a small island closer than Cuxhaven. In fact, every day, we make a plan and then end up changing it. This is part of the pleasures of sailing. Read More

Makkum to Norderney

Day 1 & 2, 22 hours, 116 nm, Departure: 9am

Sailing is driven by wind strength and direction,  the state of the sea (i.e. waves, currents), the characteristics of the sailing boat and the crew. Shortly after my arrival, Marius and I sat down to discuss the options for the first day. We decided then to sail as much eastwards as possible because the forecast indicated rather strong winds, actually close to gale force, which often results in rough seas.

Our first intended destination was Borkum. But after only a couple of hours of efficient sailing under motor, we covered more miles and arrived in Norderney. It took a bit longer but brought us closer to the North Baltic Sea canal.

Read More

Gone Sailing

It’s been 4 years since I had the pleasure to sail the Mediterranean with Martin. After a surprisingly full flight to Amsterdam to a rather empty Amsterdam airport, a train, and a bus ride, I arrived at the final destination Makkum, in the north of Amsterdam, where Marius’ Maranea is docked and waiting to be sailed up north to Sweden. Read More

Hiking in Adelboden Day 2 – Bütschi

Bergläger 1491m – Bütschi Wasserfall – Luegli 2138m – Hahnenmoos – Geils – Bergläger 1491m

Another sunny day and a blue sky!

Today’s hike is going up along the stream of Bütschi to Luegli. Adelboden is a popular skiing destination which in summer turns into a rather unscenic spot spoiled with ski lifts. But luckily the Bütschi streamside is rather unharmed and left me with the feeling of walking in remote mountains.

The Bütschi Waterfall was today’s highlight. Numerous streams are falling beautifully down into the flowerbed. I lingered watching nature’s spectacle and listening to the flow of water for a while.

With over 500 m up I arrived at today’s highest point Luegli (2138 m). It offered a sweeping view of the rugged Wildstrubel mountain chain and the entire Adelboden Valley. The Luegli is one of many slopes around the Hahnenmoospass, a top destination for model sailplane enthusiasts all over Europe.

A half an hour walk from the Luegli is the  Schalmy slope at the Hahnenmoos. Philippe was flying his airplane, with the most inadequate model name “Shinto”, with a smile all over his face, apparently having another fantastic flying day.

Leaving Philippe for some more flying, I walked down to the valley, enjoying alpine flowers on the way.

Hiking in Adelboden Day 1

This is our second time in Adelboden. In 2017 I was on the Via Alpina route and Philippe joined me for Kandersteg to Adelboden hike.

The path from Kandersteg to Adelboden stayed vividly in my head. The steep, rocky Bunderchrinde pass was the scariest passage ever in my whole Via Alpina route. I  wanted to head back, but I could come down to Adelboden with Philippe successfully. Read More