OPEN HOUSE ZÜRICH 2021: A coffee machine maker, a city wastewater center and a modern office complex

Every year Open House Zürich opens its door to many private, public or historical buildings, facilities and landmarks. This year’s event was spread over 2 weeks and combined with the events linked to the “Tag der urbanen Produktion“, the choices are many.

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OPEN HOUSE ZÜRICH 2021: Plan Lumière

Tonight we participated in the tour by the Plan Lumière department of Zurich City. They design city lights, creating an identity of the city by illuminating historical buildings with soft light, but at the same time not beaming light into the night sky uselessly and reducing light pollution. It was our second time to participate in this city light tour and we loved especially the lighting of the new pedestrian bridge over the Zurich train station!

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Paula’s first time

Paula, our Brazilian-Swiss friend from Barcelona, came to stay with us for two nights. Our question, whether she would like to go for a small hike was answered positive, so we chose a very nice and easy hike not knowing that this would be Paula’s first hike – ever. With my sister Nicole joining, we had a nice “Brazilian-Swiss-Japanese” group hiking off near the Etzelpass.

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Paddling down the Linth Kanal

Today we decided to paddle down the 18 km of the Linth Kanal between the Walensee and the Lake Zurich. It was nice, a bit like a stroll but on water. Helped by the current, it took only 2 ½ hours to get from Weesen downstream to Schmerikon.

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Family hike to the Carschina Hut

10 km, 200 m up, 600 m down
Bärgli – Carschinasee – Carschinahütte – Partnunsee – Partnun – St. Antönien

This is an easy 4-hour family hike in the impressive Rätikon mountain area. We did the same hike one month ago and thought that such alpine beauty needed to be shared.

Silvia also joined our scenic bus ride up to 2000 m altitude but then took the bus back down. The rest of the family started to walk. The weather was not as sunny as forecasted, but the clouds and the mist made the scenery look dramatic.

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In the afternoon, after spending a pleasant morning at the picturesque Stokken island, we sailed for a short distance into the very pretty Norwegian archipelago to reach Ny-Hellesund Bay. Nature here is so stunningly beautiful and seemingly unspoiled. It is like yoga for my mind to sail through this landscape (or what I imagine yoga to be for my mind).

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Stokken Island

Mid-afternoon we left Thyborøn for another rocky passage, this time to Norway. We were blown fast toward Kristiansand, our approximate destination, by a strong wind. The waves pushed me just to the limit of sea sickness again. Next morning, the wind stopped, paused for an hour, and then started blowing from the opposite direction but with the same force of up to 6 Beaufort (22 knots, 40 km/h). We were fortunate to have about two hours left to sail only.

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Thyborøn, the last pit stop in Denmark before sailing to Norway.

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Hvide Sande to Thorsminde

Hvide Sande (DNK) to Thorsminde (DNK) / 25 nautical miles / 5 hours

Today, unlike the days before, the sailing was pleasant, short and less wavy – great. We sailed up north the Danish coast to get a bit closer to Norway.

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Breakfast Unusual

Vlieland (NED) to Hvide Sande (DNK) / 218 nautical miles / 42 hours

The first few hours were easy. We left Vlieland, soon after crossed the rather busy traffic separation scheme – a sort of highway on the water – and prepared the sesame noodle salad for diner.

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