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Kayaking around Cormorant Island

12km, 2h We jumped at our hotel owner Colin‘s offer to rent us a double-kayak. We pulled it out from his recently purchased run-down shed and off we went.

Cormorant Island Hike

After an interesting chat with Colin, the hotel’s owner and a person with character, we started our hike around (most of) the island. From the hotel, we walked through the Ecological Park and soon crossed the highest point of the… Continue Reading →

Alert Bay – our favorite…

Some pictures of our Vancouver Island highlight this year… That impression was highly influenced by the fantastic front room 106 at the over-the-water hotel Seine Boat Inn and its funky and friendly owner Colin.

Seine Boat Inn, Alert Bay

Three nights at the marvelous Seine Boat Inn on Cormorant Island. This could be a place to retire to… just fantastic.

Bear Falls @ Marble River

5.2km, 2h, no bears, no wolves, no cougars

One-day Tour in North Vancouver

After our wonderful 9-day family cruise in South East Alaska, Phil and Ya headed to the north of Vancouver Island for a few hiking days in a remote and wild area. Yasuko is in heaven! In the meantime, the rest… Continue Reading →

San Josef Bay Hike (close to Cape Scott)

We were warned by a couple of people about the bad state of the logging road to the San Josef Bay Trail, about potholes, flat tires, no phone signal and Sasquatchs all over.

Port Hardy, Vancouver Island

This is our first day in Port Hardy, on the northern part of Vancouver Island. We started with a short visit to the local hardware store as we were hiking in bear country after all. If not a shotgun, we… Continue Reading →

The family off-shore…

Our Alaskan Journey


Our home on the water, the „Alaskan Dream“

The Alaskan Dream was our moving and floating home away from home for 8 days. A constantly humming, but rather stable boat with beds and showers just about right for us to stand in still… the luxury wasn’t inside the… Continue Reading →

Alaskan Cruise – Wildlife

Yoga on the Alaskan Dream

On the first morning on the boat I woke up early and went to the upper deck. A co-passenger was already up and doing yoga. I was thrilled to see another yogi on the boat!

Alaska Day 8: Sailing south towards Sitka

Today we were experiencing the true Alaskan weather for the first time – rain and mist. Since last night we sailed from the Glacier Bay Park down south. Captain Eric looked for a quiet cove for kayaking and anchored eventually…. Continue Reading →

Alaska Day 7: Glacier Bay National Park Visitor Center

On our way to Sitka, we were accompanied by two female rangers who gave us some additional insight into the surrounding nature and how to preserve it. One of them rangers started to sing a few songs. We stopped at… Continue Reading →

Alaska Day 6: Juneau – Alaska’s Capital

The town of Juneau is a major cruise harbor. Our small boat was anchored in another port, so we drove to the center and main port by bus. Its main harbor was full of gigantic – and I mean gigantic… Continue Reading →

Alaska Day 5: Sawyer Glacier

While we were sleeping, our boat, the Alaskan Dream, quietly sailed through the Wrangell Narrows. The gently humming of the motors and the rising sun woke us up around 4h30 in the morning. A quick look out of the cabin… Continue Reading →

Alaska Day 4: A Hike to Mt. Dewey in Wrangell

A small but rather steep hike up to the rather tiny Mt. Dewey – or rather a hill in Wrangell. The platform gave us a sweeping view of the bay.

Alaska Day 4: Wrangell is an energetic little city

As we arrived, we were welcomed by Maleah and her uncle, the happiest and funniest bus driver. When we got to the tribal house I am confident to say we met the best story teller in the world. This woman… Continue Reading →

Alasaka Day 3: Kasaan

We got off the boat in Kasaan and joined a walking tour with one of the 54 inhabitants on that Island. That young man who is a totem carver, led us into the beautiful dense rain forest. He, to our… Continue Reading →

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