Alp Flix

Bivio 1769m – Alp Flix 1963m – Alp Suregn 1836 m – Tinizong – Savognin 1203 m – Cunter 1182m

Distance: 23km Read More

Mettmen Hike

Mettmen 1608m – Matzlenfurggelen 1913 m – Kärpfstäfeli – Mettmen
3 hrs walk

We planned to hike to the beautiful Ängisee and then to Leglerhütte which I visited one year ago. Read More

Walensee Hike

Weesen 428m – Seerenwal 650 m – Quinten 434m
10.5km / Ascent 490 m, Descent 490m / 3 hrs Read More

Autumn colors on Gafäll

A beautiful walk up to Gafäll on an autumn day. Read More

Morteratsch Hike & Boval Hütte

Morteratsch 1896m – Boval Hütte 2495m – Morteratsch 1896m
11 km / Ascent & descent 600 m / 3hrs 45 min

The route from Morteratsch to Boval Hütte is part of the Bernina Trek. One month ago I did five sections of the Trek  but two more sections remained to be done. I was happy that Philippe joined me for the Boval Hütte section on a sunny autumn day.

It still amazes me that in Switzerland – at many places, one can jump off a train and see glaciers or parts of it! Read More

Modellsegelflug auf Gafäll IV

Wieder mal ein schönes Flugwochenende im Prättigau… diesmal ganz ohne Video (zum Video vom letzten Jahr). Read More

Jöriseen – Hidden Jewels in Graubünden

Wägerhus 2207m – Jöriflüelafurgga 2725m – Jöriseen 2489m – Berghaus Vereina 1940m

11km / Ascent 570m / Descent 890m / 4hrs 10min

We have been talking about this hike for a couple of years now. I vaguely remembered the Vereina hut and its surroundings since we hiked around the area quite some time ago. Today was such a beautiful day with the blue sky. So off we went by train to Susch and then by bus to Wägerhus, the trailhead. Read More