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Mille millions de mille sabords!!

Y’a des endroits magnifique sur terre…

Hiker “Muy Profesional”

… if not professional, than at least relaxed 😉

Hiking in the mud and sweat…

… to Cerro Chato, Arenal National Park It was supposed to be a rather easy hike for a Swiss and a Japanese who are used to steep Swiss mountains. But the very humid, tropical conditions made the hike physically challenging. Philippe sweated (or rather rained)… Continue Reading “Hiking in the mud and sweat…”

San José – Costa Rica’s capital city

Costa Rica – Our third country in Central America Costa Rica is a remarkable country: it has no army. The country spends money on education and healthcare instead and it so it explains its high literacy rate (96%) and solid healthcare system. So we… Continue Reading “San José – Costa Rica’s capital city”

Onsen, costa-rican style in La Fortuna

Costa Rica is on the Caribbean tectonic plate. It moves against the coco plate about 10cm per year. Therefore the country is cursed by many active volcanoes which brought destruction many times in history. With the volcanoes comes the blessing of hot springs. So off we went to… Continue Reading “Onsen, costa-rican style in La Fortuna”