Onsen, costa-rican style in La Fortuna

Costa Rica is on the Caribbean tectonic plate. It moves against the coco plate about 10cm per year. Therefore the country is cursed by many active volcanoes which brought destruction many times in history.

With the volcanoes comes the blessing of hot springs. So off we went to the one visited and recommended by locals and Lonely Planet.

The natural river hot spring located 15 min away from town of La Fortuna and is flowing down in gushing speed. It is located next to a high-end resort called Tabacon with artificial pools etc. but the public one is natural, unorganised and popular with locals and visitors alike. It is much more fun!

We walked upstream through the tropical moist forest, passing locals and foreigners here and there, to find the right pool with right temperature. Then we sat there, enjoying natural massage as the current was strong. We sat there a loooong time – almost 2 hours! Our departure was controlled by heavy rain with few windows of opportunity to change back into our clothes and get home half-way dry. It was a fun afternoon.

This reminded us of other hot spring experiences – one in Iceland with Lia and Luca last year and many more in Japan.

We love hot springs!

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