Category: Okinawa 2018

Firefly spectacle

Our friendly B&B owner Kiyoko-san kindly offered to take us to firefly watching. We got on her mini-van with Japanese, American and Dutch guests and drove to a rice paddy area. It was the last week of the firefly season, Kiyoko-san told us. When… Continue Reading “Firefly spectacle”

Kayaking to Mariyudō-no-taki waterfalls

Iriomote’s number-one attraction is a boat trip up the Urauchi-gawa (浦内川), a winding brown river reminiscent of a tiny stretch of the Amazon. We rented a kayak from the mouth of the river, Urauchi-gawa Kankō (浦内川観光 ) and  paddled up 6 km braving against… Continue Reading “Kayaking to Mariyudō-no-taki waterfalls”

Ida-no-hama, a day at the Beach

Bus, boat and a walk to a very pretty, remote and quiet beach, Ida-no-Hama. The boat trip leads to a village called Funauki (船浮). This village, only accessible by boat, has no more than 45 inhabitants, two local restaurants, a huge elementary school building… Continue Reading “Ida-no-hama, a day at the Beach”

Eiheiji Zen Temple – we found Zen in eating

Great picture and slogan from the Zen Temple „Eiheiji“ campaign

Ramen: Focus on Taste

We had a 30 minutes layover at the Fukuoka airport to take the connecting flight to Ishigaki – more than enough for a quick slurp of Yasuko’s favorite ramen style, tonkotsu. And as we are at an airport, the usual food service efficiency needs,… Continue Reading “Ramen: Focus on Taste”