Rogers Pass, Golden and Kicking Horse Campground

Today we are moving from the Glacier National Park to the Yoho National Park.

After we hung out at our sunny campground updating our blog, we headed for Rogers Pass, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful, in winter most dangerous and in the past most deadly passes in the world. As a passionate hiker, I’ve seen and hiked many passes (or “cols” in French or 峠 in Japanese) in my life. But indeed it was a beautiful pass with a panoramic view of the majestic mountains. But unlike most other passes, Rogers Pass does not have a winding road with tons of switchbacks but a large, straight highway going over it.

Rogers Pass had an interesting center with informative films on avalanche prevention. The Canadian avalanche control shoots bombs into exposed slopes to create artificial avalanches before the snow layer gets too high. It can snow up to 12m a season.

At lunchtime we dropped by in a town called Golden on the way, we had Japanese fried noodle and Yakiniku-Don and a nice chat with the owner couple, a Japanese man from Osaka and his Canadian wife, about life in Canada, etc.

Philippe reminded me of adjusting our time to one hour later due to the Mountain Time Zone. Canada has 4 time zones and by driving we surely feel the sheer size of this country!

By evening we arrived at Kicking Horse Campground. It is surrounded by impressive mountains. We are planning to do a 20km hike tomorrow. Hasta pronto.

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