Cerro Torre, Patagonia

El Chaltén – Cascada Margarita – Torre Mirador – De Agostini Camping – Laguna Torre

20km – 6h – 500m up and down

We hiked another route from El Chaltén today. Another intense blue sky without any clouds. A little up on the hill we already saw the splitting peak of Cerro Torre far away! After looking down the glacier river and a waterfall, the path was going down to the wide, open valley full of yellow flowers. After a short forest walk we came out to the elevated moraine. Beyond the moraine there is a glacier lake, Laguna Torre and the menacing peak of Cerro Torre. The peak looks so razor-sharp and perfectly vertical that we just imagine all the bad stuff that can happen to those wanting to get up there.

But again, look at the pictures 🙂

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