Sunrise hike to the Fitz Roy viewpoint

I wanted to see the sunrise view of Fitz Roy badly. So I started walking past 5 pm, leaving Philippe behind in a warm bed.

The air war crisp and the (famous) fierce Patagonian wind almost non-existent. There was no one on the trail yet. I could feel the sun would come up soon and had to hike up 4km to arrive at the viewpoint. After a short climb, the white, shining tip of Fitz Roy rised above the trail ahead of me and it made me almost run…

When I arrived at the Fitz Roy viewpoint around 6:20am, the sun was already up behind me. Fitz Roy stood solemnly above the forest, showing off blade-like white faces. I was completely alone in the stillness of the nature. In love with the amazing Fitz Roy!

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