Castello di Santa Giuliana – Umbertide

Borgo di Santa Giuliana

We spent two nights at Caroline and Marius’s place in Umbria. The “place” is a marvelously renovated, beautifully lost, and fantastically located section of an ancient castle in a remote hamlet called “Borgo di Santa Giuliana” – solely reachable through 30 minutes gravel-road drive from Umbertide.

We thought it was a joke when Marius said that he was going to close the gate to prevent wild boars from getting in. He wasn’t joking. One evening, we sighted a small group of boars searching for food right down the castle walls.

One evening, we had a fantastic dinner at a restaurant in the town of Montone. The restaurant “Osteria” features excellent food and stunning views of the surrounding hills of Umbria:

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