Berninapass – Val Minor Hike

Berninapass (2307m) – Fuorcula Minor (2435m) – Val Minor – Bernina Lagalb  & Morteratsch Glacier / 7.5h / 7km / 200m up, 400 down / Relive

It still amazes me that in Switzerland one can hop out of a train or bus and directly witness staggering glaciers or imposing 3000m-high mountains. Today we admired several Engadin peaks and the spectacular Morteratsch Glacier just in front of the train station and the bus stop.

This week the weather was crazy hot at over 37° C in the plains. To escape the heat we went up high – above 2000m.

After we got off from the postal bus in front of the glacier lake,  Lago Blanco (a truly whitish-water lake), we hiked around Piz Lagalb.

At 2’300m altitude, there was a bit of snow left and the air was nice and fresh.
To add some time in this beautiful setting, we made an extra stop to see the Mortaretsch Glacier from the comfy terrace of the Restaurant Mortaretsch. A lucky little detour with great views.

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