Via Engadina, S-chanf to Zernez

Via Engiadina, S-chanf to Zernez, 16km, 4.5hrs

In the morning the Prättigau Valley was under heavy clouds. But right after the Vereina Tunnel, the blue sky but somewhat fresh temperatures awaited us. It is not unusual for the weather to be considerably different, one valley to another.

Today’s walk was part of the Via Engiadina, starting from the quiet and charming village of S-chanf.

We walked up the sunny west side of the Engadin Valley through the larch forest.

The highlight of our walk was the stream and the ravine in Punt Ota near Brail.

The dramatic view of the mountains on the other side of the valley.

On the last easy stretch to Zernez in the mid-afternoon, the sky started darkening and unfortunately the tip of the iconic Piz Lenard was covered under the clouds.

As we arrived early in Zernez, we took advantage of the opportunity and visited the National Park Center.

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