Ferry or Nothing – Halcyon Hot Springs

On Mount Revelstoke at the start of our hike to Eva Lake, we met the Japanese mountain tour guide and avalanche specialist Tomo Fujimura who in no time gave us lots of info and advice. One was to visit the Nikkei Internment Memorial Center in a small town called New Denver and to stop at one of the hot springs on the way.

So we changed our plan and off we went. We took route 23 southbound which is connected by a ferry to cross the Columbia river – the only way to continue the trip. It was a very beautiful 15-minute ride surrounded by mountains, forest, and a fjord-like river. This boat trip made my day – as almost any boat trip (smile).
On the other side of the river, after a few minutes drive, there are the Halcyon Hot Springs which also had a camping ground attached. We decided to spend the night and got a super private campsite with a lake view – nice. Yasuko could finally have a good soak in a 40-degree bath and I a nice piece of meat on top of it.

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