Evening kayaking in Tofino

We have not done any kayaking in Canada. It seems that kayaking is a very important part of Canadian lifestyle. It also looked like fun to explore an intricate Tofino coastline with many islands and inlets from the water level.

We do rowing in the Swiss lakes back home but we have done kayaking only once in Norway.

So today Philippe said, “we should do kayaking in Canada.” Then we signed up for an evening tour from 7 pm so we could enjoy the sunset while paddling.

We put on the kayaking gear – a skirt-like stuff, got on a double kayak and glided onto the Tofino harbor. We toured around the harbor, the Dead Man’s Island (the legend says it is an ancient burial site)…
Some parts of the sea were full of very thick seaweed (eelgrass and kelp). It was a great feeling to be on the water and gliding on the slow current. The sun was setting when we headed back to the harbor…

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