Last Day in Canada

We left beautiful Tofino and Vancouver island, cross the Strait of Georgia by boat and came back to the big city Vancouver.

After dropping our bags at our Airbnb, what we did first is to rush to our favorite ramen restaurant, Motomachi Shokudo, in downtown. I have been a hard-core noodle lover since I was child and this noodle-loving disease spread to Philippe since he met me and discovered ramen and udon  : )

Vancouver has a quarter where all ramen shops and other Asian food concentrate and it seems to be competitive to survive there. For us it is heaven and we ate our ramen to our content!

After having satisfied our appetite, we walked to the Second Beach. A lot of locals were out there taking a walk, biking, rollerblading and simply enjoying beautiful warm evening. Some musicians were playing music and it was a great atmosphere.

In a park nearby there was an outdoor sculpture exhibition. It said:

May the sculpture inspire laughter, joy and playfulness in all who experience it.

Yes, it did!

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