Valles Calchaquies (on the way to Cachi)

We had a great need to be out in the nature so we decided to head for the Valles Calchaquies, after Philippe saw a photo of the beautiful green valley – he sometimes needs a subtle push.

After leaving the main highway, the road heading for Cachi opened to a more rugged landscape. Cactus scattered and a harsh environment. After some small hamlets, no sign of human life for hours except for a few cars crossing. The winding road led us to a spectacular panoramic view of the valley. Driving two hours and stopping numerous times to enjoy the miradors (view points), we reached the highest point, the Cuesta del Obispo, 3457m.

Here we entered the Parque Nacional Los Cardones, at the foot of the towering Cerro Negro (5002m), flanked by Cerro Tintin. A wide open, cactus thudded highland plateau spread endlessly. The sun was strong and the sand was swirling. Only a dusty road leads to Cachi. An amazing place!

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