Via di Francesco 1: Valfabbrica to Assisi

Valfabbrica to Assisi
14km, Ascent 550m / Descent 330m

Starting from the village of Valfabbrica, the signs of Via Roma and Via di Francesco are easy to find and encouraging. It reminds me of the Jakobsweg / Camino de Santiago which I walked two years ago.

I feel excited to walk on another pilgrimage path, even for a short stretch.


Soon I walk into the quiet and dense forest and repeated some ups and downs.  Except for a young couple with heavy backpacks I overtook at the beginning of the path, I don’t see anyone on the path.


After finally getting out of the forest, I came out on a hill full of yellow flowers and with a sweeping view of the area. Stone-built farmhouses scattered around on the hills.


At last, there was a water point near a church, a perfect place for a short break.


After some uphills and downhills, I came out to the top of another hill (it is a very hilly area!)

A quiet and peaceful countryside looks like one of the impressionist paintings.


Then Assisi’s imposing cathedral and ramparts on the hilltop came into a view.  Spectacular!  I imagine that almost all walkers before me were moved by this sight.


The final part of the walk to Assisi… I have to go down the small valley before going up to the hill of Assisi : (


Going through the ancient stone gate, I entered finally to Assisi. Impressive!


Then I crossed this amazing town from the west gate to east, looking at fantastic stone buildings, and waited for Philippe in the beautiful main square, Piazza del Commune, which was spotlighted by the evening sun.


We successfully met each other in the square and enjoyed great dinner in Assisi, before driving into our hotel in the dark forest of Mt. Subasio later…..

Several signs of Via di Francesco on the “road” from today:


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