Pany in heavy snow

In Pany, we were welcomed by the blue sky and heavy snow. The record high snow – for early January – blocked the garage, entrance door and with it, the access to the snow shovel!

I volunteered to climb over more than 1-meter of snow to get into the house to get that shovel. No shovel, no access to the garage, no snow plowing machine… I am a lot lighter than Philippe, therefore flying over that snow, he thought. Well, I was sinking knee-deep into fairy-tale white snow.

After clearing the snow, successfully getting into the house and having a well-deserved break, we went out for a walk to Tratza. It was nice to see children enjoy skiing on close-to-perfect slopes.

The 2nd day: a snow-shoeing trip to Bova it should be. Our original plan was to go to Philippe’s favorite spot, Gafäll, but we had to start snow-shoeing right from the beginning and the usually paved winter walk path was not yet prepared. So we blazed into deep snow for a while and soon gave up the idea to go all the way.

Still, the sky was blue, the surroundings were covered by snow and except one lost soul on skis, no one was out there. We had our lunch picnic and a cup of hot miso soup to warm up and get ready for the trip back. Just happy!

The third day: A snowshoe round trip to Tratza and above. A fresh layer of snow from last night made the trip a very romantic one. Walking in the deep snow forest created an almost mystical atmosphere. We have been here many times but each time is special. The beauty of the nature surprises us again and again.

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