Shinto Servotray for MKS 6100 (Glider by Vladimir’s Model)

This 3D printable servo tray is for MKS 6100 servos and particularly designed for an electric version of Vladimir’s Model Shinto F3F/B/T/J glider. It could likely be used for other F3x gliders as well.

This mount enables to easily and securely fit and fix both V-tail servos, one behind the other, deep into the fuselage to keep the front space available for motor, controller and the battery (3S in my case). The location of both servos is behind the wing servo cable entry point into the fuselage to prevent the moving servo arms to accidentally damage the cables. The tray is fixed with two 8mm M3 screws. One using the existing cut-out for the F3B launch hook and an additional one approximately 14cm further behind where an additional hole needs to be drilled into the fuselage. It hurts, but it helps. The counterpart is a 6mm M5 grub screw with an M3 inner thread.

I recommend using Loctite (or similar) to secure the screws.

What you’ll need:
1 x printed servo tray
2 x 8mm M3 screws
2 x 6mm M5 grub screw with an M3 inner thread

If you would like to make modifications starting with this design, just send me a message. I am happy to share the original Fusion 360 file. To download the STL file and for info regarding the printing, please visit Thingiverse.

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