Alaska Day 8: Sailing south towards Sitka

Today we were experiencing the true Alaskan weather for the first time – rain and mist.

Since last night we sailed from the Glacier Bay Park down south. Captain Eric looked for a quiet cove for kayaking and anchored eventually. It was raining but we were happy to be out on the water. The water was, to my surprise, not that cold and clear. Lots of gigantic kelps were tangled under the water.

After kayaking, I was on the deck despite rain and wind to look for wildlife. Other two co-passengers, also hardcore nature lovers, were out there. My patience paid off as I spotted two dolphins jumping in the waters. Fantastic!

Kayaking with Jim

One of our co-passengers, Jim, is a passionate hobby kayaker who does multi-day tours back home. He was willing to give us a kayaking lesson.

First, in the lounge, he demonstrated to us how to paddle without using the arms only but also by using the shoulders and the core. I had never done it right, I now know. No wonder I got easily tired from rowing : (

His instructions helped us to row more efficiently, more elegantly, and with more pleasure. The pouring rain did not stop us at all. It was more the opposite, as the weather somehow enhanced the Alaskan feeling and made the environment even quieter. After a good hour of fun, we headed back, wet from head to toe and all smiles.

It turned out that Jim is also an avid hiker who has completed the famous 340 km John Muir Trail in 14 days. He explained about his ultra-light hiking style: no underwear, no toilet paper, etc. to minimize the weight of his backpack. The John Muir Trail is one of my dream hikes so I was drooling on his story.

Chef Garret preparing a halibut

Later in the afternoon, there was a fish filleting demo by chef Garret. He showed off his skills with a 15kg halibut, the dinner main course for us 41 passengers. Every night there was a fish option on the menu which typically was the best choice and a true pleasure. For this last night, the kitchen crew put together an excellent dessert buffet which was served during a visual cruise overview.

Misty Alaska

We were anchored in the middle of a small cove, surrounded by forest and small islands. At night Lia and I went out on the deck. The waters and layers of mountains in the mist – a truly Alaskan scenery. Magical.

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