Fly Fishing? Really?

I have never fished – at least I never caught anything. But I have always been fascinated by the aesthetics of fly fishing. The setting, usually beautiful nature spots, and the graceful movements of a fisher casting lines. The first video shows an aspirational fisher casting lines not so gracefully, yet…

Not so long ago, I met René, who used to be a professional fly-fishing teacher and guide. He offered to support my first steps in the fly-fishing adventure. And I didn’t hesitate for a second. So we met at a sports field next to his home and started casting a line.

Casting a line is much easier when somebody experienced explains why disaster happens. The first time casting, just me on a football field, was rather disappointing. I couldn’t believe, I was not able to keep the line properly in the air. The self-made training fly was gone in just a minute.

Then I had an idea. Some time ago I had a chat with a mountain biker who was interested in the RC planes we were flying at the Lattenberg slope. He turned out to be a semi-pro fly fisher and took me to the water for my first experience. But I wasn’t ready to get into it at that time. A couple of days ago (and a couple of years later) I called Reto to ask for the names of some teachers he would recommend. He spontaneously offered his help and just one day later we stood together on a small grassy field at lake Zurich for training.

The next fun event is a 4 -day x 2-hour course at a famous Swiss fly fishing shop and school from next week. A birthday gift from my love. Let’s see where this little adventure will lead…

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