Aabachtobel Hike on a former coal mine site

12km, 2h40m / Horgen – Hegimoos – Steinacher – Au – Horgen

This afternoon we made a pleasant walk into a gorge in Horgen (Aabachtobel).  The moist banks of the little stream Aabach were full of bear garlic flowers and distinctive garlic smell was in the air.  We made a plan to return next March to collect these fragrant leaves for pesto.

This gorge used to be a coal mining site. According to the explanation boards along the hike, there are many kilometers of mining tunnels on both sides of the gorge. The only visible evidence is a closed entrance to one of the two main tunnel systems.

The waterfalls and moist foliage remind us of Yakushima and make us think of a wonderful voyage to Japan a couple of years ago.

More about the Käpfnach coal mine

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