Gone Sailing

It’s been 4 years since I had the pleasure to sail the Mediterranean with Martin. After a surprisingly full flight to Amsterdam to a rather empty Amsterdam airport, a train, and a bus ride, I arrived at the final destination Makkum, in the north of Amsterdam, where Marius’ Maranea is docked and waiting to be sailed up north to Sweden.

Marius was looking for a helping hand to move the boat from Holland to Norway or, given that Norway is still closed, to Sweden but as close to the Norwegian border as possible. I was more than happy to answer his call. Lucky me.

Makkum is a small but pretty Dutch town with channels, brick houses

The Maranea is a Puffin Classic 42′ sailing yacht, a charming 20-ton vessel with a 65 hp motor, heating systems and all the technology useful and fun to navigate with. Marius bought it from a Dutchman last year and put a lot of energy and love to make it his own. It turned into a beauty.

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