Autumn walk from St. Moritz to Sils Maria

St. Moritz – Lake Murezzan – Stanzersee – Lake Marsch – Lake Champfer – Lake Silverplana – Maria Sils, 19 km, 5h

This was a beautiful walk along five lakes in the Oberengadin Valley on a cloudy and chilly Saturday morning. Our walk started with a captivating view of Lake Murezzan in front of the St. Moritz train station.

Just half an hour’s walk led us to small but enchanting Stanzersee, colourful with yellow leaves and the dramatic backdrop of newly snow-capped mountains.

The sun came up for a short moment, perfect for our lakeside picnic lunch at delightful Lake Marsch.

The river flows into the gorgeous Silvaplana lake – Corvatsch in the background.

A charming village of Sils Maria is our endpoint. While Philippe was having coffee in the village square, I made a short walk to the lakeside of the Silsersee. By this time the sun came out and the sky was blue, I was very tempted to continue walking!  Looking back at the lake many times, we got on the bus to drive back home.

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