Breakfast Unusual

Vlieland (NED) to Hvide Sande (DNK) / 218 nautical miles / 42 hours

The first few hours were easy. We left Vlieland, soon after crossed the rather busy traffic separation scheme – a sort of highway on the water – and prepared the sesame noodle salad for diner.

Then it got a bit tougher. From a sailing conditions perspective, things were rather cool. We could sail a constant half-wind course with constant wind (10-18 knots) and without any manoeuvre needed. It wasn’t even raining. But the sheer distance and the 42 hours of permanent rocking that went with it, and the sometimes rather high waves, took their toll. Imagine that, for almost 2 days, there is not a minute during which the body does not compensate for some movement. I, and I believe Marius as well, felt exhausted and were also regularly in the bunk, but a restful sleep was of course not possible.

We arrived in the fishing harbour of Hvide Sande at 1am, moored at the first available dock and went to sleep.

In the morning, we felt tired and hung over, like after a bad bottles of wine. So we had a hangover breakfast. Udon, a Japanese noodle soup in a tasty broth. One of my favorite dishes, hung over, or not …

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