Driving up to the town of Revelstoke from our campground Blanket Creek (24 km), we spent our morning visiting a small nice farmer’s market and bought a yummy eggplant dip (baba ganoush) with a nice Indian-spice twist. Had a coffee and something sweet at the funky Modern Bakery, and chatted with the very friendly outdoor gear store owner and mountain-buff Steven (Revy Outdoors) who explained in length and with love some hiking options around Revelstoke and Glacier national parks. Talking to him, leaning over paper maps and Google Earth while he invited other customers to join into the discussion was an experience in itself. One of those small encounters which leave a memory. We walked out with a anti-bear pepper spray the size of a bottle of wine and some other small outdoor stuff which Yasuko, as usual, thought I would not need.

In bear country we are.

The afternoon was filled with a 3h walk in the surrounding woods of the Revelstoke National Park. We looked out for bears everywhere. But Yasuko was the most dangerous predator around at large.

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