The Haute Route – Day 7, Part 2, August 28

Cabane des Dix, 2929m

A serious ascent, which always comes with a decent first, to tonight’s hut, Cabane des Dix. A magnificent view of Mt. Blanc de Cheilon (3870m).

After many day-hikers left, we had our hut to ourselves with other 6 guests – a total of 8 people in a hut which accommodates 120 people!

We were welcomed by very friendly staff and a super-fresh outdoor shower at 2900m!

Mt. Blanc de Cheilon was glowing in pink in the evening light and later the (almost) full moon appeared above the snow-covered mountain. 
After dinner with 4 Swiss and 2 Germans over interesting conversations, a Swiss couple and I sat on the balcony and gazed at the view in awe, talking about the wonder of nature – a truly memorable moment!

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