The Haute Route – Day 8, August 29

Cabane des Dix 2928 m – Pas de Chèvres 2855m – Arolla 2006m – Les Haudères 1452m

The part which I dreaded most for this hike came: 30-meter long vertical ladders at Pas de Chèvres (2855m)!

After breakfast with two Germans over the conversation on Japanese and German war history (!), we left shining Mont Blanc de Cheilon and snow-covered Pigne d’Arolla (3796m). We crossed three glaciers, which were sometimes slippery under strong morning sunshine.

Luckily the ladders were newly installed last year and had three terraces in between (10 years ago there was only one ladder straight!)
After managing the ladders successfully we went down to the valley of Arolla and then to a cute village of Les Haudères, to put our feet up!

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