Biking from Meilen to Walenstadt along the Linthkanal

Biking from Meilen to Walenstadt, Walensee – 64km

After my 5-day bike tour in Germany and Czech Republic, I re-discovered the joy of biking. Biking gives a sense of adventure and freedom.


Philippe and I planned a one-day bike tour from Lake Zurich to Walensee along the Linth Channel.  We packed our lunch in our backpack and hopped on our bikes.

The highlights were the tranquil, deep-green Linth channel which, unfortunately, is covered with a multitude of powerlines crossing from all sides, the remaining old mule track hanging on the Walensee cliff which we got to know the history about, the narrow bike-only tunnel along the Walensee, a fantastic view of the Churfirsten and a nice dessert stop at Restaurant Sagi in Murg.

After a 64km ride under the blue sky, we made it to Walenstadt!  Great fun!


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