Alaska Day 4: Wrangell is an energetic little city

As we arrived, we were welcomed by Maleah and her uncle, the happiest and funniest bus driver. When we got to the tribal house I am confident to say we met the best storyteller in the world. This woman told us the story of how Raven stole the sun and her words were truly coming to life inside the tribal house.

Afterward, we got to visit the museum in Wrangell. We were told “we were in for a treat” and I now completely agree. Maleah showed me her favorite pieces and each one carried a wonderful story. I also feel like this museum captured all the best aspects of southeast Alaska’s culture. Right before the exit, there was a wall with many quotes from the locals of Wrangell. “Growing up in Wrangell has given me the opportunity to explore the unpretentious life Alaska has to offer” and that’s exactly how I would describe it.

To end our tour with the locals we visited the petroglyph beach. Here, we got to print the petroglyphs by placing paper over them and rubbing green leaves over the paper. Some printed birds, others printed the killer whale. I printed the petroglyph of a sun, remembering the story we had heard that morning. On top of that, the scenery of the ocean couldn’t have been better. It was quite unique.

In the afternoon we hiked to rainbow falls where we got out of the trail to walk down the waterfall. It was a very nice end to a beautiful day.

In short, if you ever want to learn a little more about the culture of southeast Alaska and get a taste of its beautiful territory and colorful people, visit Wrangell. You’ll have a blast.

written by Lia

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