Alaska Day 5: Sawyer Glacier

While we were sleeping, our boat, the Alaskan Dream, quietly sailed through the Wrangell Narrows. The gently humming of the motors and the rising sun woke us up around 4h30 in the morning. A quick look out of the cabin window displayed a stunning scenery of floating icebergs.

During breakfast, we approached the Sawyer Glacier. After I came back with a cup of tea, the breathtaking blue and white ice field was right ahead. We all stood on deck in awe. The gigantic river of snow and ice was flowing into fjords, surrounded by imposing granite mountain walls. It felt as if we and our boat were lost at the end of the world.

Soon the dinghy was out for us to board and to explore the fjords scattered with icebergs. From the safety of a dinghy, we touched a magical deep-blue iceberg, which is actually nothing but snow condensed over many, many years. Adorable-looking Harbor Seals were lazily lying down on top of the ice. What an amazing nature we are privileged to witness – an unforgettable wilderness spectacle.

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