Alaska Day 6: Juneau – Alaska’s Capital

The town of Juneau is a major cruise harbor. Our small boat was anchored in another port, so we drove to the center and main port by bus.

Its main harbor was full of gigantic – and I mean gigantic – cruise boats with up to 5’000 passengers. Apparently, the average number of cruise passengers per day hitting that poor little town of Juneau is 15’000. The result is horrible. Thousands and thousands of people taking advantage of a few hours on shore for – as it feels – shopping mainly. There is one shop after the other. The cruise companies even have their own shops selling jewelry. So you get off the boat, visit a shop run by the boat company, to run back on the boat. Nuts. I wanted to run away from this place immediately! So we did.

To escape from this chaos and that town which has no charm except its location, Philippe, Lia, Luca and I took a mountain cable car, the Mt. Roberts Tramway. Mt. Roberts is a mountain above Juneau and easily accessible. We had a great view of the bay and the mountains beyond. We did not have enough time to hike up to the top but we had a quiet time enjoying the panorama, the strait, and those tasty salmonberries!

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