Quadra Island Walk

Quadra Island, Chinese Mountain South Peak, 4km, 2 hrs

From Campbell River we took a 10-min. ferry to Quadra Island, the largest island among Discovery Islands. Fun fact: On the ferry terminal, our totally normal rental Ford, next to oversized pickup trucks and camping cars, was price-wise categorized as “undersized car”.

This island has a lot to offer – biking, hiking and kayaking. As a Campbell River info center personnel recommended, we opted for a hike to Chinese Mountain – apparently for a great view on the surrounding islands and straits.

But I forgot to ask a vital question at the info center: are there bears on this island?
Therefore, I still brought an anti-bear bell with me, just in case!

The trail was in the dense forest with velvety moss. It had several rock-climbing routes on the vertical rock walls, but we took a normal hiking route with a bit of steeper uphill at the end. We were rewarded with a fantastic views of the perfectly curved Heriot Bay,  southern islands and the high peaks of Strathcona Park on Vancouver Island to the west. We were completely alone at the peak, quietly sat there for a while and enjoyed the view.

We didn’t know why this mountain is called Chinese Mountain until we saw a climbing route called “The Great Wall”…

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