Norderney to Heligoland

Day 3, 12 hours, 54 nm, departure: 5am

We left the mildly interesting island of Norderney at 5 am, so we would have a better chance to get to Cuxhaven by the end of the day. We soon figured out that our plan was not realistic due to the lack of wind or unfavorable direction. So we quickly regrouped and changed the destination to Heligoland, a small island closer than Cuxhaven.

In sailing one has to always work with elements, such as wind, its strength and direction, to stay flexible and go with the flow. In fact, every day, we make a plan and then end up changing it. That’s a part of the fun!

Heligoland turned out to be a tiny (only 1.7 km2), but delightful Island.  As we had a shorter sailing day than planned, we had time to explore the island.  We made a two-hour hike from one end, Heligoland town with its harbor, to the other end. It was along a spectacular path to a 47-meter-high rock called “Lange Anna”.

Apparently, this island is a mecca for bird-watchers that are running around with big telescopes and enormous cameras. We enjoyed observing countless birds and admired rugged, spectacular red sand cliff and coastline. 

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