Family hike to the Carschina Hut

10 km, 200 m up, 600 m down
Bärgli – Carschinasee – Carschinahütte – Partnunsee – Partnun – St. Antönien

This is an easy 4-hour family hike in the impressive Rätikon mountain area. We did the same hike one month ago and thought that such alpine beauty needed to be shared.

Silvia also joined our scenic bus ride up to 2000 m altitude but then took the bus back down. The rest of the family started to walk. The weather was not as sunny as forecasted, but the clouds and the mist made the scenery look dramatic.

A standoff with a cow on the path (the cow wins).

Lunch break at the Carschina Hut, with our home-made sandwiches.

Swimming in the freezing Partnun Lake. Only brave Lia jumped in!

Fantastic alpin flora. Luca took wonderful photos of the amazing nature.

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