Terrasses de Lavaux walk

Pully Port – Lutry – Aaran – Rivaz

We made a nostalgic trip back to Lausanne, which was our home for almost 10 years.

The purpose of this trip was to see our nephew, who has started his study at EPFL this autumn. But, of course, Yasuko will never miss an opportunity to combine anything with a walk, so we tightened our hiking shoes and started to follow the famous “Route de Vignoble”. While living here, we walked and biked this area numerous times. The vineyards are of stunning beauty.

When we arrived at Lausanne before noon, it was hazy and cloudy, but we started from Pully Port anyway. Luckily, in the afternoon, the weather improved, and soon we were walking through the vineyards shining in gold.

A lady selling wine at a stand in the middle of a vineyard was in for a chat. She explained that this year was a particularly harsh one because the two most damaging grape diseases, phylloxera and downy mildew, were particularly bad this year. Apparently, a lot of chemistry had to help prevent a total loss.

We sat for a glass of wine, enjoying the fantastic view anyway.

See the route: https://www.schweizmobil.ch/en/hiking-in-switzerland/routes/route-0113.html

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