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Vegetable Haagen Dazs?

What is always great when you travel, is how much global marketing spares you the fantastic products they manage to resell to the other end of the globe… Yes, it’s Haagen Dazs with vegetable flavor….. And it got launched today:

In case the direction is not clear….

Dave, Day One. Food break.

Dave, Day One. Knife Maker!

Day one

Day one. Senso-ji Temple, chillin’ in front of the Hozo-mon gate. Yes the bag is from Akihabara…. Hallo Kitty and Mobile Suite Gundam! Great weather, that light wind with the sun following us around. Stayed up 38 hours to brush off the jet lag.


Foto einer Seitenstrasse der “Plastic Food Street” . Kabel hängen von allen Seiten wie überall in Japan. Im Hintergrund der Tokyo Sky Tree.

C’est Parti!!!

Off we go!

At Zurich airport! Hanging out with Dave the Minion that will be traveling with us:-) looking forward to 11 hours of flight time to Narita… Not!