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Crossing the North Baltic Sea Canal

Day 4: Heligoland – Brunsbüttel, 9.5 hours, 55 nm, departure: 9:40amDay 5: Brunsbüttel – Giselau Kanal, 4.5 hours, 40 nm, departure: 9:45amDay 6: Giselau Kanal – Kiel, 8 hours, 60 nm, departure: 9:30am Leaving Germany’s only offshore island, Heligoland, we’re heading for Kiel. Given… Continue Reading “Crossing the North Baltic Sea Canal”

Norderney to Heligoland

Day 3, 12 hours, 54 nm, departure: 5am We left the mildly interesting island of Norderney at 5 am, so we would have a better chance to get to Cuxhaven by the end of the day. We soon figured out that our plan was… Continue Reading “Norderney to Heligoland”

Makkum to Norderney

Day 1 & 2, 22 hours, 116 nm, Departure: 9am Sailing is driven by wind strength and direction,  the state of the sea (i.e. waves, currents), the characteristics of the sailing boat and the crew. Shortly after my arrival, Marius and I sat down… Continue Reading “Makkum to Norderney”

Gone Sailing

It’s been 4 years since I had the pleasure to sail the Mediterranean with Martin. After a surprisingly full flight to Amsterdam to a rather empty Amsterdam airport, a train, and a bus ride, I arrived at the final destination Makkum, in the north… Continue Reading “Gone Sailing”

Sailing with Martin from Carloforte to Barcelona

Dottore, Capitàn y Commandante San Martino del Viento di Schaffhausen (aka Martin Löw) needed a hand to bring his chartered boat back from Sardinia to Barcelona after 3 months of sailing the Mediterranean Sea. I was more than happy to give him both of… Continue Reading “Sailing with Martin from Carloforte to Barcelona”