Death by Tofu in Shinjuku

“Tofu is a white, wobbly, rather tasteless meat substitution, in the western world typically consumed with a thick sauce, or better, submerged in some liquid.”


Today we had lunch at a very pretty, traditional, Japanese tofu restaurant located on the 4th floor of an unexciting office building. A separate room with a tatami floor hosted us four, Yasuko’s friend Tokiko joined in, and a beautifully surprising meal.

The eight (8) dishes came soupy, liquid, firm, wobbly, salty and sweet, with lots of different mountain vegetables you need to come over to Japan to taste. The whole meal came at about 30 USD per person. See for yourself… and if you come to Tokyo go for the experience, a must-do which will make you leave that place with a big 🙂

Dave. Day Two. Samurai

Origami power!

Gotta love these Manga stands. Part II

I just looooove this stuff!

Street Art

Even the sewage cover, in Tokyo, is art. Forged art in this case.

Dave. Day Two. In love…

Must I say more….

Happy? Then go lucky…

Because happy is not enough, a bit of luck (and lingerie it seems) makes it much better. So go get lucky, happily….

H&M is honest!

That we are all a product today, based on the famous adage that if you get something for free, then you are the product, is an accepted fact…

Well at least H&M admits to it & gives it to you straight in print!

Swiss Bull?

Global marketing never ceases to amaze me.
Red Bull in Japan. Ok.
From Switzerland?
In Switzerland it comes from Austria…. Now that all makes sense!

Dave. Day Two. Hanging…

Dave is hanging around the Tofu restaurant AGAIN!

Where is Dave?