Japanese women are WiFi stations???

There is something to say about those Priority Seats message… Now if they could wear a t-shirt with the login code…

Tokyo Subway Messages.

Sometimes, translations are not necessary, and simply the facial expressions does it all….


Dave. Day Three. Ramen Time!

Dave was hungry…

Then again, CHF 9.00 for a sushi box…

Hallo Switzerland?

75 USD for 4 peaches?

Yes, we can….

Marble Meat

There is really something quite amazing by what Japanese people call Superior Loin. The quality and the marbling is quite amazing. We keep calling it Kobe Beef in Europe but there are dozens of varieties.
Later that night we had a little taste…
Picture taken at a food store.

Damn these German Dogs!

Get me a Frankfurter now!

The bunnies guard the road!

So much more friendly than our orange cones!!!

Oishiiiii! (tasty) Yakiniku

Our last diner in Tokyo was a lucky shot. We aimed at a carefully pre-selected Korean BBQ restaurant (Yakiniku) to find a fully booked place. But we were in the bustling Shimbashi Station area and just started to walk and read the menus (of course none of us reads Japanese but almost all Japanese restaurants provide picture rich advertising, often with a plastic version of the popular dishes in front of the entrance). So we stumbled over the enticing advertising of the Shu-en TEN (www.fuerte-j.biz/shu-en) and went up to the 5th floor. We loved it. The waiter spoke a very broken English but – unless like many Japanese – liked to practice his skills with us. No other longnoses around otherwise. We got sake and red wine for free and chose meet of all categories for comparison… what a treat it was…