Onsen Breakfast Style.

In case we had a doubt we were in an Onsen. Reality Check. Breakfast this morning with 12 different plates including rice porridge and salmon.
Amazing variety of taste and color.
Somehow the distant memory of Nutella is still active in the back of our minds. The worlds smallest coffee cream was also located here!



Dave. Day Six. Sake

Dave is starting to get to like Sake a tad bit too much… We need to restrict his pocket money.

Dave. Day Five. Dave has a new friend.

No, Swiss immigration will not give you a visa….

Me top you too!

There is more pork in this story, than in Bruce Lees chops!

The ghosts of Kurokawa Onsen

Ok, some reversed selfie fun…

Still amazed. More sewer iron…

It’s really just amazing how much detail go into them.

Dave. Day Five. In Kurokawa Onsen

We have arrived in the beautiful location of Kurokawa Onsen (Hot Springs)

Ok. Tonight there is no Aircon

Can’t work out what key to press.
Hot night ahead!!!

Who is logicool?

It’s Logitech. Seems they had to change their name…

Our one and only evening in Fukuoka