Legs, socks and what?

Ok, let’s do this one more time:
Leg. Ok
Socks. Ok
Lightwear. Hmmm. Ok
Innerwear. Huh? What???

Pour Raphael!

Crabs are seriously big here!

Dave. Day Seven. Leaving for Hiroshima…

With a slight delay 😉

My English is congested…

Will I ever get my food?

Dave. Day Six. Evening Meal

Dave getting ready for the Kosugian Evening Meal!

A delicious hot spot

We arrived at Kurokawa Onsen (Kurokawa Spa) yesterday and checked in to the stunning Ikoi Ryokan. The Japanese love to visit such places for their hot springs and the baths attached to it. So after the hosts understood that we are not going to do everything wrongly – there are tons of rules the westerners are not familiar with – we started our typical onsen day. Soaking, eating, sleeping.

The pictures speak for themselves.

Thinking of Zoé

Japanese Soft Ice…

… Is really excellent! Japanese vanilla soft ice with maple honey sauce.


Onsen Breakfast Style.

In case we had a doubt we were in an Onsen. Reality Check. Breakfast this morning with 12 different plates including rice porridge and salmon.
Amazing variety of taste and color.
Somehow the distant memory of Nutella is still active in the back of our minds. The worlds smallest coffee cream was also located here!